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Truck Driving Licence Diagnostic TestSee how much you already know
General Knowledge: Required for All Classes

This section is required for all commercial licence classes. It encompasses an array of topics that every commercial licence holder must know regardless of their specific licence class. These topics include understanding traffic laws, safe driving practices, basic vehicle operation, handling emergency situations, and more. You'll also learn about the effects of fatigue, distraction and impairment on a driver's ability.

Class A Licence (also known as AZ)

Class A lets you drive a wide range of commercial vehicles, like tractor-trailers or flatbeds. You can haul any size trailer with an A license. The "Z" in "AZ" means you have an air brake endorsement. That means you've proven you know how to use air brakes, which are often used in large, heavy vehicles. Make sure you also complete the "Air Brake Endorsement" section below. The Class A knowledge test covers general trucking knowledge, safety protocols, and large vehicle management, including specifics of handling large trailers.

Class C Licence: Large Bus (25+ passengers)Complete all 20 questions
Class D Licence (also known as DZ)Complete all 72 questions

A Class D licence allows you to drive heavy trucks and tow larger vehicles. The Class D knowledge test encompasses general commercial vehicle operation, safety, and handling of heavy vehicles. With the written and road test involved, the fees include application and test costs. As with the AZ, the "Z" tells people you can operate vehicles with air brakes. Make sure you also complete the "Air Brake Endorsement" section below.

Class F Licence: Small Bus, Small School Bus, Taxi, Ambulance
Air Brake (Z) EndorsementComplete all 202 questions
AZ Licence Exam SimulatorWith an AZ licence you can work for a trucking company or as an owner-operator.