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License-Specific Driving Test Practice

Based on the driver's handbook

Questions designed to feel just like the real driving test

Specific to your province

Each Canadian province or territory has its own traffic laws, so you'll want to prepare using accurate questions that are based on your province's driver's guide. Our questions come directly from that guide, which makes them very similar to the actual driving test.

Current and correct

Our practice tests are written using the latest version of the Handbook, so they’re always up-to-date. When your province or territory updates their manual, we update our questions as well. You’re never dealing with outdated test information.

Just like the real exam

Since we design our questions and test structure to imitate the real exam, you’ll be better prepared than if you just study using the manual alone.

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Improve long-term retention

A better, smarter way to prepare

Prepare more efficiently

It can be difficult to keep track of all the information in the Driver’s Handbook. Practice tests are a great way to help you integrate that knowledge and reinforce it without re-reading the same dull material.

Learn from your mistakes

With instant feedback, you'll know immediately whether your answer is correct. Plus, each question comes with a detailed explanation so you’ll understand and remember it better.

Retake your toughest questions is the only online driver education program that offers Challenge Bank™ where your missed questions are stored automatically so that you can review and retake them.

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Know what to expect

Driving test prep with guidance, not guesswork

Questions that make sense

Our questions are clear, straightforward and easy to understand. We don't use trick questions that make it seem like you have to memorize an obscure point of the law.

Lose the fear of the unknown

When the big day comes, you'll be prepared and face it with full confidence. The questions will feel familiar because you'll have practiced them before.

Increase motivation

Study more effectively when you're motivated. Instead of giving up when things get boring, you'll keep going with encouragement, compliments on your progress and suggestions to help you achieve more. Passing probability metric
Know what to expect

Learn while having fun

Be fully prepared

Mindlessly flipping through the driver's handbook pages can get monotonous. turns learning new things and retaining that knowledge into a game.

Don't study - play

The more you want to play, the better prepared for your test you’ll be. By the time you’ve mastered all our tests, you’ll be over-prepared (in a good way) for your driving test.

Gain confidence

Multiple difficulty levels ensure you gradually gain confidence while completing driving practice tests that range from easy to knuckle-cracking hard.

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Driving test definition

What's a driving test?

A driving test (also known as a driving exam, or a driver's test) is a procedure designed to evaluate a person's ability to operate a motor vehicle such as a passenger car, motorcycle, or commercial vehicle. In the United States, passing a driving test is usually one of the requirements for obtaining a driver license. The administration of driving tests and the issuance of driver licenses are typically the responsibility of the state government’s DMV. The driving test usually consists of two parts: a written knowledge test ("DMV written test") with multiple choice questions to evaluate a person's knowledge of driving-related rules and laws, and a practical behind-the-wheel test (sometimes called a road test or skill test) to assess the person's ability to drive safely. The written test covers the information found in the official Driver License Manual, including road rules, traffic laws and signs, fines, limits, and safe driving practices.

Things to remember

What to Practice for the Driving Test?

Know your car

The car you're using for your test should be familiar to you, and not one that you're sitting in for the first time. You'll want to know where the controls are for everything from the lights to the windshield wipers, so you aren't frantically searching if it starts raining. The way each car's brake and gas pedals react can be different, so knowing how sensitive these are can help you avoid braking or accelerating too aggressively or too slowly.

Get plenty of practice

Like anything else, learning how to be a good driver takes lots of time behind the wheel practicing. There are things you'll learn while driving that you just can't get from reading, so it's important to log plenty of time at the wheel.

Prepare and adapt to anything

Whether it's weather conditions, an ambulance coming down the road or any other situation that could happen, you should be mentally prepared to adapt and adjust accordingly. The only true way to do this is get in those hours of practice driving, and trying to do so in a variety of weather conditions. Only getting out to drive on beautiful, sunny days will only work against you if your test lands on a rainy, overcast day.

Pay attention to driving

It sounds obvious enough, but it's easy to get distracted by what the evaluator is doing. Trying to sneak a peek at what they're writing down or their facial expressions is not a good idea, if you're hoping to walk out of there a licensed driver. Paying attention to the road, and what's happening around you is the best way to ensure that whatever the examiner is writing down is positive – and you can read all of that once your test is over anyway. Leave everything else at the door, and give your full attention to the task at hand. Whether it's schoolwork or other things happening in your life, it needs to be temporarily put to the back of your mind.

Safe driving tips

  • Drive the speed limit and maintain a constant speed.
  • Obey all road signs that you see.
  • Steer smoothly. Hold onto the steering wheel with both hands at all times.
  • Follow at a safe distance - use the 3 second rule.
  • Don’t stop too closely to the vehicle in front of you when you need to come to a stop. As a general rule, you should be able to see the tires of the car in front of you.
  • Do not cross solid lines as this will result in an instant and automatic fail.
  • Always look over your shoulder before changing lanes and be sure to use your blinker.
  • Only change lanes when you are absolutely certain that it is safe. If your test administrator asks you to change lanes, make sure that it is safe first.
  • Watch for school busses. If the bus is pulled over to the side of the road and their lights are flashing, do not pass.
  • Use your turn signals. It helps let other drivers know what you are planning on doing. Make sure that you turn your turn signal on plenty of time before you are actually going to turn.

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